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I know that if I won’t be able to shut up and totally dedicate myself to listen to my client, I will never be a good coach.

I just took the class of “Power Listening” in my Coaching Academy and here are my reflections on the subject… In coachig, the power of listening not only consists in the listening process itself, but also in the ability to point out the most important things the client just said and make constructive questions (questions that lead the client to awareness and personal growth). All of this is a part of the hard and long process that is supposed to make this person achieve his goal(s) and, in consequence, make him feel happy or happier.

In my opinion, the powerful listening should be a part of everyone’s life. We should focus and try to understand people who we interact with every day- our partner, children, friends, colleagues… I think one could be surprised by the importance of the information he might get from all this persons only by listening in an intelligent way. If we get to understand what we just heard, we can react with empathy, actuate in the most appropriate and effective way for everybody.

We are learning. And this is priceless.


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Hello world!

Instead of deleting the “wordpress.com” post I will just give a warm welcome to you, my reader. I hope you will find my blog interesting enough to make some comments.

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