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To celebrate our successes…- it is so easy and so difficult at the same time. For me, the difficulty lies in my modesty.

While now I am taught to celebrate even little- but important- steps in my journey to achieve my goals, as a child I was told that this kind of “successes” are not WORTH someone’s smile, encouragement or any sign of approval. What I have just achieved was, I was told, part of everybody’s everyday’s life. I wasn’t an exception, I wasn’t exceptional, I wasn’t special. Instead of thinking well about myself I should try to accomplish something big, something that nobody else did. This goal, when achieved COULD (but not would) be worth celebration.

So now I am unable to celebrate my little (but so difficult sometimes!) steps, the effort I put into making this action, the strenght I had to look for and the fear I had to fight. But I deserve my celebration moment, I think I really do. So I start with little, but so important actions- I am sharing my “successes” with the people I love or like. Their responses give me energy to keep moving forward. Not to mention the happiness that suddenly appears like if coming from nowhere.


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the magician

“A coach is a magician of change who takes the cards you have and helps you to play your hand better, or sometimes to change the rules of the game, or find a better game. Changes come from a dream of something better. When we have achieved one dream, we look forward and dream again. There is always a dream beyond the dream.”

(Coaching with NLP; J.O’Connor, A.Lages; 2004, Element)

I really like to think that one day I might become someone’s magician 🙂

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challenges, everywhere

Life is about challenges, if we like it or not, this is all about it. And maybe love too. Might depend on each person. Some people just don’t want to see the truth, this is what makes their lives easier and I don’t think this is something bad.

Challenges are everywhere. Because of my coaching course I find new challenges every single day. This might be things that aren’t difficult for most of people, but they are for me and nothing else matters.

I will give you an example: because of how my life evoluate (or didn’t) past years, today I find myself being this shy little girl (that by the way I never was). I’m afraid that if somebody reads my blog, he’ll think a child wrote it just because I’m not native. I think that I will never be able to give somebody a good coaching session, and even more if it was in English- because others do it so much better (or this is what I believe and I could be wrong, but for the moment I don’t know). And so on and so on.

One of the greatest things about finding myself in this big community of coaches is this energy they give you, this positive thinking that comes during almost every class and something I was a little bit laughing about “yes, you can”. If I really can, it opens lots of new doors for me.

So now I’m trying, step by step (small steps) to open these doors. I find myself challenging… myself. I will tell everybody I have a blog! I will speak as much as I can during classes, I will work on this and work on that.

Life goes on and challenges keep coming. It would be easier to live without them but the pleasure of reaching a goal, achieving something is irreplaceable and just great.

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