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the role play

It has happened to all of us at least once. We wanted to talk to someone (ACTION) about a difficult situation that concerned both of us or about something that needed to be changed, etc. (GOAL). Just before deciding to take this step, we thought a lot about what might happen, what he or she would do and how we would or would not reply (POSSIBLE CHALLENGES DURING ACTION).

When I say “we thought”, I mean that we could imagine this person’s face, reactions, we could hear what he or she would say and what, of course, we feared to hear because we weren’t sure if we knew how to deal with the situation.

A rehearsal. A rehearsal of highly stressful situations is life coaching’s answer to this kind of issue. Of course, it’s not as simple as I presented it in this sentence, because the whole solving-problem process is far more complicated, but eventually you can get to the point when your coach will suggest to rehearse or to role-play. I know it might sound artificial or childish and be far from what you would thought the best for you. It can even seem useless- how can a coach imagine what your boss, your father, your girlfriend will say?

He can only imagine, basing his role play on the information provided by the client and the attitude of the other person that the client fears. If, for instance, your boss is mean, the coach will do his best to be… mean. If your girlfriend is sarcastic, well, your coach will be sarcastic too (but only during the role play!).

Why would you deliberately let someone do that to you? Well, to rehearse, be prepared. A role play has many qualities. It is done in a safe environment for the client. It can be stopped any moment. It can be repeated many times in many ways. The purpose being to get the client to a place where he feels self-confident about the upcoming “confrontation”, when he stops fearing it or at least is not as anxious as before the role play. The client gains clarity about what and how he wants to communicate.

How many times did you try to tell something to… your mirror? Well, my experience says that it’s a good exercise but also that a life coach is more effective. Isn’t that the point?

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